IKEA bed frame turned seating chart

Check out our seating chart. This isn’t our best work yet but considering we did this two days before the wedding, I’ll take it.

Obligatory new young couple first place together calls for some IKEA furniture.

Well it was functional for the year we used it, the bed frame literally came apart as our movers tried to move us into our now home. We both knew this would happen and expected it to.


I hate throwing things away (no, I’m not a hoarder) but I had hoped to give this bed frame a longer time frame. Once the frame became trash after our move, my self-talk went something like “if you don’t find a way to use this within two weeks, you better trash it, girlie” also I better have found a use because I knew Jacob would throw it away himself if I didn’t.


It then hit me WEDDING SEATING CHART!!!I pulled out my handy dandy cricut and got to work! First , of course have your wedding list and RSVP’s complete! My husband is savvy with excel so we where able to group people in an orderly fashion ( The Knot does this for you)

Grooms family

Brides family

Fraternity brothers

Sorority sisters

Church friends


Brides parents friends

Grooms parents friends

If you hate excel, you do have options. The Knot is super resourceful. Well, most of our guest sent back their RSVP cards, some decided on RSVPing on the Knot (if we had to go back in time, I would have skipped out on the RSVP cards and stuck only to the Knot.)  The Knot takes the RSVP then categories households which is also super efficient.The program then lets you export the list into excel. IS THAT EASY!!!!!



The Knot made making a seating chart somewhat bearable. If it were up to us we wouldn’t have a seating chart, and we couldn’t care less where everyone sat but because our cater needed to know where specific meals went this not only made their lives more comfortable it made having the exact number of tables out for room purposes resourceful as well. I printed the list of our final guest count and got to cutting. I left families, group, together, so it was easier to visualize the said table.

Difficulty : ✂✂

Time consuming: 🕐🕓🕗

Step One :Have your seating chart done & grab your cricut

  1. Downloaded winter calligraphy font from da font (or any font you prefer). After you download the font, when you go to the cricut you can find it easily by clicking “system fonts” to choose your text font.
  2. Measure your width and give yourself a guessimate of how much space you have for your lettering. I really did just eyeball this beacause I’m the most impatient.

img_3769 4. Once all the letters are cut, place onto your board.

Here comes the fun part part-

Jacob and I thought we would make the whole seating chart using vinly and quickly realized what a mistake that was and had to scrap that plan two days before the wedding.

img_4201 It was not only so time consuming but hard to keep neat and put together, it wasnt very easy to edit. we scraped that idea and went with escort cards.

I cut 2 x 3.5 cards using my cricut and we glued them onto the board.

img_3771 After all the gluing of the 3.5 x 2.5 cards got placed, Grennery was put along the edges to make it more pleasing to the eye. This seating chart wasn’t our best work yet, but it got the job done. Share your ideas and or what you used as a seating chart.

img_4409.jpg Promise the end result looked a lot nicer, I will update with more photos once we get photos back from our photographer.

IKEA lack shelf hack


Oh Ikea, how I love and hate thee.  Although these shelves are functional and aesthetically pretty, my main concern is how they slant away from the wall. Unhappy with this I wanted a way to make them “new” and much more functional.

Lets get down to the how to and what you need




  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Hot Glue gun

Once you put the shelf in place, drill the drywall anchors in.  The drywall anchors create a very tight and secure grip onto the drywall which makes the compressed tensile strength of the drywall the weakest point. Unless the shelf is pulled very forcibly from the wall, the heavy duty drywall anchor should be able to support more weight than other types of fasteners when used with shelving brackets.

At this point you should be done and ready for the personal touches. I like to test the “im done” theory by adding weight to the shelf just so I’m sure its in tack before I put my tools away.

After you fasten the leather straps you can hot glue the thumb tacks onto the straps as a personal touch.

Ok now this ikea shelf should really done and styling can happen. (I’ve changed the styling to these shelves since this post, the OG pictures have a rushed set up)