‘Twas the day of Thanksgiving

The day is here! Time to put on our “thanking caps” and remember what we’re grateful for. Rumor has it that frequently saying thanks can lead to feeling healthier and happier, all year long. Too bad most of us only pull out our thankful caps today and then store it away until next year when visions of Thanksgiving are dancing in our heads. This year I’m thankful for the takeaway thought of Thanksgiving.

First thing’s first I’m guilty of not showing gratitude all year long. Gratitude is typically thought of as being thankful and wanting to show and return appreciation and kindness, but gratitude is also to instill feelings of hope, inspiration, and forgiveness to not only others but to yourself as well.

I’ll spare you all the list of what I’m thankful for this year. As I’m sure, the list runs similar to yours. I hope this year instead of putting away the gratitude after the holidays we can learn to live by inspiration.

The “LIST”

1. Feel hope when the road seems dark for us
2. Forgive others and yourself
3. Appreciate the small, simple things we take for granted
4. Return kindness and give it even if you feel its hard to give

and to live by the quote “If you’re tired you’re not inspired!”‘

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