Book of the Month- the sun and her flowers

The sun and her flowers

Monthly Book Review

I finally got my hands on this long-awaited second collection of poetry by Rupi Kaur-  The Sun and Her Flowers. Backstory: I’m not a fan of Milk & Honey. It’s just not a style I enjoy, the entire book just felt too Tumblr.

Rupi is known for her (sometimes cheesy) and simplistic style so I was hoping this would be different, fresh and jaw-dropping considering the amount of hype behind it. I gave Milk & Honey away to my sister, and needless to say, haven’t missed it since.

Milk & Honey in my personal opinion seemed like the author would just write sentences with skips in it, then label them poetry, and I hated that style. Besides the writing style, I just didn’t connect with the book. So, my opinion on the book lays heavy with not connecting rather than just saying I didn’t overall like it.

However, the sun and her flowers utilized a lot of longer poems and metaphor with the personification of nature, and although it’s still not my favorite style, it’s grown to be so much better from her first book.  This book split into five chapters that divide into more topics than just a hurt woman seeking comfort. The author was able to connect and expand more on growth in every subject, not only love. I felt like a ton of blanket statements, and Tumblr posts were involved in Milk & Honey, but the sun and her flowers had quotes that made my mind wander a bit.

The book illustrations are by Rupi; they include random I would call doodles that I would assume mean to deep meanings to them. The sun and her flowers, a vibrant journey about love, relationships, racism, grief, refugees, empowering women, etc. and about self-love brings more to the table. While it’s straightforward and may have occasionally stirred my emotions, I’d give it a final notion that it wasn’t anything to ride home about.


I think my favorite chapter in the book was the ancestry and honoring one’s roots with the expatriation and rising to find a home within yourself.

The sun and her flowers seem to hold a lot of repetition poems that are in Milk & Honey. There seem to be poems that were not only used for her last book Milk & Honey that are in this book but also the poems were written that are oddly familiar with some slight wording changes in them and simplification.


Short enough to be a quick nightly read, that is broken into chapter so that you may turn to the mood you are in for that day. Obviously aesthetically lovely book to have on your bookshelf or nightstand.

My overall rating of the sun and her flowers would be 3.8/5

I do plan on rereading it once more, just to see if my feelings for it change.Sorry, Eliza, I may be keeping this copy! Grab your copy from Amazon. My favorite thing about buying a book off Amazon is I can start reading it immediately digitally before mine gets in.

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