Colorado Bachelorette Party


What do friends, adventure, and LOTS of food have in common? They were all very integral parts of my bachelorette weekend getaway, of course! I’m so excited to share the details from our time in Denver, Colorado.

It was the perfectly planned trip to Colorado, including whitewater rafting and an ongoing list of local restaurants, I couldn’t wait to get off the airplane and get this party started but the moment I got onto Denver land a headache creeped in, nausea kicked into high gear and all I could worry about was finding the nearest trashcan. That’s the curse of altitude sickness, my friends. Upon landing I sat near a trash can till my sister figured her way out of riding the shuttle for the 6th time.

All 7 of us stayed in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver in a spacious townhouse and used Turo for the first time.

My Koumbara (more on what that is, is for another post) had a bag of goodies waiting for me at our Airbnb


Girls just wanna have fun!

We started the weekend off with mani/pedis and OF COURSE champagne was included. Allowing me to open the bottle was the first mistake of the weekend.

Whats a Corlorado trip without some outdoor fun?? We decided to go on an outdoor adventure and went with the 1/3 day trip option for white water rafting, so we could enjoy the rest of the evening in the city. White water rafting was a BLAST! We did learn that

  1. The water is COLD (even in July) so dont wear cotton
  2. The gear STINKS so mentally prepare yourself
  3. You foregt about the stench and coldness because the ride is so much fun!!


Couldn’t forget a bachelorette touch with my bride one piece swimsuit!

Denver Night life

My outfit of choice was a bodycon white off the shoulder ruffle dress.
I’m not a huge fan of sashes so my MOH gifted me a “BRIDE” headband to wear for the weekend. I accessorized with a clutch handbag with Mrs. on the front of it.

My bridesmaids hosted a lingerie shower for me at our Airbnb before we went out for dinner. We chose Ophelia’s that night for the atmosphere. We then walked over to a few clubs and bars down broadway street.

Special thanks to my bridesmaids who helped to make my bachelorette getaway so special!!!

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